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Colon Cancer in the EU: a major health priority - Epidemiology




In the 27 countries of the EU incidence and mortality show extreme variations, with an ASRs (W) for mortality ranging from 35.6 in Hungary to 9.7 in Greece for males and from 21.2 in Hungary to 8.0 in Greece in females, a four folds difference. Similar variations are found for incidence. - A downward trend in mortality is observed in some European countries whereas in other EU countries (mostly Eastern European) mortality is stable or increasing. The impact of the awareness of CRC as a preventable disease, in Europe, together with the uneven diffusion of screening tests and diagnostic procedures (colonoscopy), may well explain these trends. We find also striking differences of survival rates in Europe. - In conclusion, the burden of colorectal cancer in Europe is impressive and highlights this neoplasia as an important health priority, also linked to socio-economic factors.



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Massimo Crespi