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Colorectal Cancer Screening in Europe



On behalf of the International Digestive Cancer Alliance (IDCA), we conducted a survey among all 40 national gastroenterology societies in Europe to establish the current state of colon cancer screening. 39 out of 40 national societies provided us with the requested information. 21 countries have introduced a guideline, 13 are operating a colon cancer screening policy. The majority of countries without a colon cancer screening programme complain about a lack of funds and political support. Primary screening tools are the FOBT (8 countries) or the FOBT-plus-colonoscopy (5 countries). A specifically designed programme to combat hereditary colon cancer has been established in 14 countries. Centralised databases for the evaluation of the screening programme currently operate in 14 countries. Europe, a continent with 112 different ethnic groups, continues to demonstrate its diversity also including colon cancer screening.



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Meinhard Classen