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Ph. D. in Art History

Thesis: “Trompe l’ oeil in 17th Century Dutch Painting



Screenwriter and director for several TV movies such as "Das Double" (“The Double”) and “Ungleicher Lohn” (“Unequal Pay”).



Editor-in-Chief of the arts magazine PAN.



President of the Burda Academy of the Third Millennium, an interdisciplinary network of leading scientists, businessmen, artists, politicians and journalists.

Objective: the organisation of international conventions, symposiums and workshops about the impact of technological progress on social and scientific change; interdisciplinary networks; integration of said concepts into the social and scientific discourse.



Chair of the Hubert Burda Foundation.

The Foundation serves as the umbrella organisation for all non-profit activities of Prof. Hubert Burda.



Chair of the Felix Burda Foundation.

The Felix Burda Foundation is committed to promoting colon cancer screening programmes and to drastically cutting its mortality rate.


2002 - present   

In March, the Felix Burda Foundation, supported by a range of partner organisations, declares its first “Colon Cancer Awareness Month” (“Darmkrebsmonat März“®).

The campaign culminates in the Felix Burda Award Gala and the conferral of the Felix Burda Award for merits in colon cancer prevention.

Objective: creation of public awareness for the importance of colon cancer prevention through media campaigns and other projects.


2002 - 2006      

“Iconic Turn – The New Image of the World”

A series of interdisciplinary lectures at the LMU Munich about the growing importance of the image in our culture and academic discourse. The lectures were published in 2004 and 2006 (2 vols.).



The Felix Burda Foundation hosts the show “Stars with Courage" (Stars mit Mut), broadcast by Germany’s leading public service TV network and watched on prime time by more than 3 million people.



President of the Network Against Colon Cancer which had been established following an initiative of the Felix Burda Foundation.

Objectives: Networking and initiation of scientific projects to promote colon cancer prevention.


The Burda Academy of the Third Millennium organizes the international Conference “The Future of Health” in Heidelberg. Publication of the “Heidelberg Declaration on the Future of Healthcare”.



Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Verdienstkreuz am Bande des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), in recognition of her lifetime achievements.                



Official signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the Bertelsmann Foundation to promote health and healthcare education in state schools as part of the national programme Anschub.de.


09 May 2007

The Felix Burda Foundation, the German Network against Colon Cancer and the International Digestive Cancer Alliance (IDCA) organise the “European Conference on Colon Cancer Prevention” in Brussels.

The conference aims to reinforce the scientific consensus about screening programmes and to stimulate the establishment of a pan-European network. The participants of the conference will be asked to sign the "Brussels Declaration" which proposes concrete measures for a pan-European fight against colon cancer.





  • Editor (with Ernst Poeppel and Thomas Christaller): Die Technik auf dem Weg zur Seele. Forschungen an der Schnittstelle Gehirn/Computer (Technology and the Soul. Research on the Interface of Brain and Computer),  Reinbek (Hamburg), 1996
  • Editor (with Florian Rötzer): Virtual Cities. Die Neuerfindung der Stadt im Zeitalter der globalen Vernetzung (Virtual Cities. Reinventing the City in the Age of Global Networks), Basel, 1997
  • Editor (with Claus Leggewie): Internet & Politik. Von der Zuschauer- zur Beteiligungsdemokratie (Internet & Politics. From Passive to Active Democracy), Cologne, 1998
  • Editor (with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Ernst Poeppel): Weltwissen Wissenswelt. Das globale Netz von Text und Bild (Global Knowledge in a Knowledge Universe. The Global Network of Image and Text), Cologne, 2000
  • Editor: Gesundheit aus dem Darm (Good Health Starts With the Intestines), Zabert Sandmann Verlag, Munich, 2003
  • Editor: Hilfe bei Darmkrebs (Help for Patients with Colorectal Cancer), Trias Verlag, Stuttgart, 2004
  • Editor (with Hubert Burda): Iconic Turn – die neue Macht der Bilder (The New Power of the Image), Dumont Verlag, Cologne, 2004
  • Editor (with Hubert Burda): Iconic Worlds – Neue Bilderwelten und Wissensräume (New Worlds of Images and Knowledge), Cologne, 2006


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