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PRESENT POSITIONS (6th February 2007):
- Head of Research, Telemark Hospital, Skien
- Project coordinator, NORCCAP-I, Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo
- Professor-II, Univ. of Oslo


- M.B.Ch.B. (Glasgow University, United Kingdom),
- Cand.med. (Norway), dr. med. (Norway)


- Gastroenterology
- Epidemiology of colorectal cancer and its precursor lesions
- Primary and secondary cancer prevention
- Quality development in medicine and integration of this topic in the
  curriculum for medical students



Graduated M.B.Ch.B. at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
ECFMG exam for USA and Canada
Cand. med., University of Oslo, Norway


Qualified specialist in internal medicine, Oslo, Norway


Qualified specialist in gastroenterology, Norway
Dr.med. (Ph.D.), University of Oslo, Norway: “Epidemiology of polyps in the rectum    and sigmoid colon. A study of adenomas and hyperplastic polyps in a population of    men  and women aged 50-59 years old.”


Consultant gastroenterologist, Department of Medicine, Telemark Hospital, Norway

1990 - 1997 

Head of Dept. of Medicine, Telemark Hospital, Norway

1998 – 2001 

Engaged by the National Dept. of Health and Social Affairs as coordinator for the planning and running of a large-scale endoscopy screening trial for prevention and mortality reduction of colorectal cancer, the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention (NORCCAP-I) trial.


Appointed professor at the University of Oslo, combined with a clinical post as consultant gastroenterologist in Telemark Hospital.

2005 – 2006 

April 2005 – June 2006: Head of department of Clinical and Registry-based Cancer Research, Cancer Registry of Norway

2006  June

Head of Research, Telemark Hospital, Skien


- One year in general practice
- One year as teacher in paramedics for pilots and personnel in the

  Norwegian Air Force and the Coast Guard Helicopter service.
- ½ year in pathology
- 2 ½ years as research fellow
- 19 years clinical work in internal medicine in various Norwegian

  hospitals, including 7 years as Head of Department of Medicine

  (160 employees), Telemark Hospital
- 8 years as project coordinator for the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer
  Prevention (NORCCAP-I) trial.
- One year as Head of department of Clinical and Registry-based Cancer
  Research, Cancer Registry of Norway


- Appointed member of OMED screening committee since 1998

  (OMED=World Organisation for Digestive Endoscopy)
- Engaged by the European Society of Gastrointstinal Endoscopy (ESGE)

  as Medical Director and coordinator of a hands-on training course in
  colonoscopy in Riga (1999) for 240 MDs from the Baltic countries.
- Appointed in 2003 by Helse Sør RHF (South of Norway Regional Health
  Board) as leader of committee to develop a Cancer Strategy Plan for

  Helse Sør RHF
- Appointed in 2004 by the Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Oslo, to participate

  in work aiming at integration of quality development
  (“kvalitetsforbedringskunnskap”), knowledge management
  (“kunnskapshåndtering”) and leadership (“ledelse”), KKL, in the medical


- Ph.D. candidates: 5 completed
- Graduate thesis: One completed

- Best scientific paper presented at the Nordic Gastroenterology

  Conference in Stavanger 1983
- Best scientific paper  in the category Clinical Research presented at the
  United European Gastroenterology Week (the EUGW congress) in
  Birmingham 1997
- European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Rome 1999: The ESGE
  Awareness award for 1999. (For promoting awareness in the general

  public and the medical profession about the cancer preventive potential

  of gastrointestinal endoscopy
- “Paper of the half-year” award in Helse Sør: Twice in 2004, once in 2005
- The Norwegian Medical Association Quality Award for 2006


- Participation in TV programs: 8
- Video production: One (Endoscopy screening)
- Participation in radio programs: More than 30
- Newspaper interviews: More than 40


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Geir Hoff