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- MD (Ob/Gyn) and Master of Public Health

- Visiting Fellow of federal and provincial Institutions in Canada to

  implement evidence based health care in routine care

- Temporary Advisor to WHO in the field of HTA, international expertise in

   the field of consultancy for statutory health insurance systems.

- since 10/98 working for KBV (KBV: statutory institution representing

  145.000 physicians and psychotherapists who are mandatory

  members, providing ambulatory service to sickness funds, covering

  70Mill insured citizens), introduction of evidence based health care in

  German ambulatory health care,

- since 2003 director of the department of quality assurance and service
  provision of KBV
- author and coauthor of national and international Hta-reports

- member of the Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss and several respective
  working groups (such as quality assurance, disease management)

- member of various national and international (i.e. HTAi, ISQUA) scientific


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Bernhard Gibis