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Dr. Gerhard Brenner, trained economist, is managing director of the Zentralinstitut für die kassenärztliche Versorgung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Berlin.
Main fields of activity: Public health care system research, Social research studies on empirical basis, introduction of appropriate means for the exchange of information and communication in the health care sector, patient data cards, drug information systems, cost-benefit analyses, outpatient surgery, screening programmes, evaluation of nationwide introduced colonoscopy-screening-programme in Germany, Disease-Management-Programmes on diabetes mellitus Type 2, coronary heartdisease and breast-cancer , introduction of classification systems, co-ordination of the series of publications of the Zentralinstitut.

Participation in EU projects: DIABCARD - improved communication in diabetes care based on chipcard technology (1992 - 2000); CARDLINK 2 - A patient held portable record for particular applications in case of medical emergency (1996 - 1999); NETLINK - Validation and co-ordination of implementation of interoperable data card systems and intranet solutions before nation-wide implementation (1998 - 2000); BIOMED - evaluation team on control of drug expenditures in Europe (concerted action) (1995 - 1997); ENDEP - Patient charges and decision making process of consumers and physicians (1998 - 2001); EUROCARDS - Concerted action on patient data cards (1993 - 1995), Netc@rds Service for the electronification of the European Health Insurance Card (since 2002).


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Gerhard Brenner