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Dear visitor. In this section you find pictures of the European Conference on Colon Cancer Prevention and the VIP Dinner on 9 May 2007 in Brussels.


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Welcome Addresses
I. Welcome Address: Karolina Gernbauer, Assistant Secretary of State and Head of the Bavarian EU Representation in Brussels. II. Welcome Address: Christa Maar, CEO Felix Burda Foundation and President of the German Network against Colon Cancer.
I. The Prevention of Colon Cancer and European Health Policy
Chairmen: Colm Ò´Moráin, Eric Van Cutsem; Speakers: Massimo Crespi, Jaroslaw Waligóra, Jean Faivre, Hermann Brenner
II. Colon Cancer Screening Practices across Europe
Chairmen: Jean Faivre, Wolff Schmiegel; Speakers: Meinhard Classen, Nea Malila, Miroslav Zavoral, Nereo Segnan, Wolff Schmiegel
III. "From Bench to Practice"
Chairmen: Geir Hoff, Hermann Brenner; Speakers: Robert J.C. Steele, Christa Maar, Ernst J. Kuipers, Hans F.A. Vasen, Bernhard Gibis, Berndt Birkner, Monika Sieverding
IV. Panel Discussion: Outlining a Pan-European Colon Cancer Screening Programme
Chairmen: Meinhard Classen, Guido Tytgat; Panellists: Geir Hoff, Jaroslaw Regula, Gerhard Brenner, Colm Ó`Moráin
Speech of the Vice President of the European Parliament
Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Parliament; Christa Maar
VIP Dinner



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