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Screening for colorectal cancer in Italy




The Report of the National Centre for Screening Monitoring of 2005 stated that in Italy 46 regional programmes adopted the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) for the screening of colorectal cancer, 4  the Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (FS) once in a lifetime, and 2 both. Invitation to FIT is every two years, usually between 50 and 69  years , to  FS  between 58 to 60. At the prevalent screening round 5.8% of FIT were positive. Overall, 81.9% of these subjects attended colonoscopy. In 2005, almost half of the target population participated in one of the six FS programmes (about 40,000 subjects). Compliance to invitation was 29.1%. 13.7% of screened males and 8.1% of females, respectively, were referred to colonoscopy and 92.1% complied.



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Nereo Segnan