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The Finnish colorectal cancer mass-screening programme




The colorectal cancer mass-screening programme was launched in Finland in September 2004. The programme uses the gFOBT, a sample collection procedure performed on three consecutive days. People in the target group receive and return the tests by post. A Screening Centre handles the distribution of FOBTs, interpretation of results and contact with people tested. The target group of the programme are senior citizens between the ages of 60 and 69. More than 70% of people approached to take part in the programme have done so. - By this spring, around 40,000 tests had been completed since the start of the programme. Out of the response rate, that of women has been highest, with a 78% participation level. Menīs participation has been lower, 63%, though satisfactory. The mass-screenings have revealed over 800 cases of blood detected in stool samples, representing 2.1% of participants.



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